Paid Surveys Glossary

Welcome to our comprehensive Glossary, designed to help you navigate and understand the terminology used here at Global Survey Group.

We understand that the world of surveys can be filled with specialized jargon, which is why we've compiled this user-friendly glossary to demystify the language used on our platform.

Whether you're a seasoned survey taker or a newcomer to the world of paid surveys, this glossary will serve as a valuable resource to enhance your survey-taking experience.

Let's get started!

Account Verification: The process of confirming the authenticity of a user's account by providing valid identification or completing specific security measures.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of visitors who complete a specific action, such as filling out a survey, out of the total number of visitors to the website.

Crediting: The act of rewarding points or incentives to users' accounts after successfully completing a survey or other designated tasks.

Demographics: Characteristics used to classify and segment survey takers based on attributes such as age, gender, location, income, and more.

Focus Group: A small group of selected individuals who participate in a moderated discussion about a specific product, service, or topic to gather detailed feedback.

Incentives: Rewards offered to survey takers as motivation to participate in surveys. These may include cash, gift cards, discounts, or other redeemable items.

Loyalty Program: A rewards system that offers additional benefits and bonuses to survey takers who frequently participate in surveys on the platform.

Market Research: The process of gathering and analyzing information about consumer preferences, buying behaviors, and market trends to make informed business decisions.

Panelist: An individual who regularly participates in surveys and is part of a survey panel maintained by the website.

Payout Threshold: The minimum amount of earnings required for a survey taker to cash out or redeem their rewards.

Points: A virtual currency system used on the website to track survey takers' earnings, where points can be redeemed for rewards.

Pre-screening Questions: The initial questions asked at the beginning of a survey to ensure that the participant fits the required demographic criteria.

Privacy Policy: A legal document outlining how the website collects, uses, stores, and protects users' personal information.

Qualification Survey: A preliminary survey used to determine if a participant meets the specific criteria set by the survey provider to participate in a longer and more detailed survey.

Reversal: The process of points or rewards being removed from a survey taker's account due to disqualification or fraudulent activity.

Routing Survey: A short survey used to direct participants to longer surveys that match their specific demographic characteristics and interests.

Screen-out: The process of determining that a survey taker does not meet the specific criteria for participating in a particular survey, resulting in their disqualification.

Survey Dashboard: The user interface where survey takers can access and view available surveys, check their account balance, and manage their profile.

Survey Frequency: The rate at which survey opportunities are available to users, typically expressed as the number of surveys offered per day, week, or month.

Survey Invitation: A notification sent to survey takers inviting them to participate in a particular survey.

Survey Length: The number of questions and the time required to complete a survey, often categorized as short, medium, or long.

Survey Panel: A group of registered users who regularly receive invitations to participate in surveys.

Survey Router: A technology that matches survey takers with available surveys based on their demographic information and other qualifying criteria.

Survey Termination: The discontinuation of a survey before completion due to certain circumstances, such as an excess number of respondents or technical issues.

Sweepstakes: A drawing or contest where survey takers have a chance to win prizes or rewards without completing a survey.

Termination Criteria: The predefined conditions that determine when a survey is closed or no longer accepting responses.

Time to Complete: The estimated duration provided for each survey, indicating the approximate time required for a participant to finish the survey.

Validation Code: A unique code provided to survey takers after completing a survey, often used to claim rewards or enter prize drawings.

Withdrawal Options: The various methods available for survey takers to redeem their earned rewards, such as PayPal, gift cards, or direct bank transfers.