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Welcome to Global Survey Group! You are only 3 minutes away from having your opinions heard by some of the biggest companies in America. You may not have known, but companies, both large and small, spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to understand what people like you want and why you want it. These companies hire market research companies to conduct surveys to gather this feedback and insight. That is Global Survey Group comes in - we help the market research companies find people that are willing to take online surveys right at your computer and be paid for their time and effort. If that sounds like something you're interested in then fill out the membership application above to get started.

Membership is free and confidential and once you've joined you'll be invited to join some of the top market research firms in the United States. Additionally, the Global Survey Group survey team will send you survey invitations via email (make sure you enter an email address you check often so you don't miss any of the surveys). These emails will contain links that will take you directly to the survey so you don't have to login each time. Easy, right?

Most of these surveys take between 5-10 minutes to complete and allow you to influence the development of new products and improve existing ones. We are confident that after joining Global Survey Group you'll enjoy all the benefits of membership including:

1.Surveys sent directly to your inbox (no login required!)
2.Website and email invitations to join the most respected market research companies in America (companies like Lightspeed Research, NPD, and Global Market Insight to name a few)
3.Plus - coupons, freebies, and deals that will help you stretch each dollar farther.

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