Three Ways to Save Money on Amazon


Amazon is undoubtedly the largest online store in existence. They’ve done a great job at cornering the market and becoming the go-to source for millions of online shoppers. Most people blindly trust that they’ll be getting the best deal by using Amazon, and most of the time they’re right. However, true bargain hunters will take it a step further and ask – can I save money on Amazon?

The answer is an enthusiastic yes.

#1: Search Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon processes countless returns every day. Most of them are from returns that aren’t due to a faulty product, or returns because the boxes were damaged in shipping. Some of these returns make are able to be sold as new and are re-integrated with the regular inventor. Other items are still in perfect working order, but the product box is too damaged to be sold as new. So, it’s listed on Amazon Warehouse deals.

Amazon Warehouse deals has a surprisingly expansive selection of heavily discounted items. Many of their items are 60% off strictly due to a damaged box or other issue that doesn’t impact the item itself. Amazon Warehouse Deals is a great place to start when it’s time to go shopping.

#2: Add It and Leave It

This tip won’t always work, but it works often enough to give it a try if you’re not in a hurry to check out. Add the items that you’d like to purchase to your shopping cart, and then leave. Make sure that you’re signed into your account. Close Amazon and go do something else. The idea is to force Amazon to email you with a promotional offer to encourage you to check out. It probably won’t happen on the same day, but within a few days you might get an email offering you 20% off you’re order. Some believe this only works when you’re buying direct from Amazon, not when buying from other vendors selling items on Amazon.

#3: Strategically Go Prime

Prime is a level of paid Amazon membership that opens up many enjoyable features. While streaming movies and free ebooks are nice, the biggest perk is free shipping on most purchases. Anyone who frequents Amazon, or any online store, knows that shipping is often one of the biggest expenses when buying online. Amazon Prime membership eliminates this expense. While the service is typically paid, every 13 months any Amazon account can have a 30 day Amazon Prime trial that grants the full benefits of membership. By going Prime every year when you’ll be shopping more than usual, such as the holiday season, you can save tons of money on shipping.

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