How to Save Money at Drugstores


Want to save money the next time you head to the drugstore? We have 8 tips that are sure to help you save lots of money during your next shopping trip! Check them out below!

1. Sign up for the Rewards Programs: Each drugstore has their own rewards program designed to save you money.

Bonus: usually when you first sign up they will give you promotions, like $5 off a $25 purchase. Deals like these are great to combine with other discounts to maximize your savings.

2. Make a list: make a list off all the things you need to buy, even the ones that you would normally buy at the grocery store. This way you know what coupons to look for.

3. Collect coupons: Once you know what items you are looking for, start collecting the coupons that you need! CLICK HERE for a list of all the printable coupons available.

Bonus: You can save even more when you combine store coupons with manufacture coupons! So be on the lookout for both!

4. Create a plan: Once you have all the coupons together, make a list of all the coupons you want to use. This part will be the most time consuming, but totally worth it. Figure out all the coupon transactions you are planning to make that way you can maximize your saving!

5. Organize: Once you have your game plan try to keep everything organized. You can keep them in a folder or binder. Make sure to bring everything with you to the store.

6. Shop sales: Most people tend to overlook items on sale, because it is not a product they planned on buying. However, you can make money checking the sales items. For example, you’re not out of your toothpaste but CVS is having a sale right now where toothpaste is $3, and you get $2 in extra bucks once purchased. Lets say you have a $1 off manufacture coupon, so you pay $2. But then you get $2 in extra bucks, so now the toothpaste becomes free!

7. Be prepared at the register: Each drugstore has a specific order on how to handle coupons.

- Rite Aid: If you have a coupon for a discount off your entire purchase hand that over first, then give any specific store or manufacture coupons.

- CVS: Make sure to scan your ExtraCare card first to ensure you get all the Extra Bucks rewards. Then hand over a coupon for a discount off your entire purchase. And finally all specific store and manufacture coupons.

- Walgreens: Everyone has their own order when it comes to Walgreens. Try different ways to hand over coupons and see what works best for you.

8. Have a back up plan: Sometimes the item you planned on purchasing is out of stock. When this happens ask the manager for a rain check. Usually, this slip of paper entitles you to both the sale price and your rewards when the product has been restocked. Although make sure to check with your local store about their rain check policy.


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